Black Matpe

Proudly Made in Myanmar by Shwe Thit Oo

Black Matpe, Black Gram, Vigna Mungo, Black Lentil, Mungo Bean , Black Matpe Bean ,Urad,Minumulu,Tikari ,Undu ,Sanskrit/masa is a bean grown Indian subcontinent and Myanmar.

ShweThitOo exports the most popular varieties Black Matpe / Black Matpe Natural Polish (FAQ,SQ,SSQ) of Myanmar Origin.

Moreover,bean sprouts and 100 % pure pulses were produced by high standard BUHLER SORTEX  machine for customer’s satisfaction.

Hot Sale

  • BM SQ – Double cleam / Sortex / Double Sortex / Polish Sortex.
  • BM SSQ – Double Cleam / Sortex / Double Sortex/ Polish Sortex.



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