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No.28/A, Warkhema Street, Lin Lun South Ward, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Union of Myanmar.

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+95-9-4251 06541, 9551 79623

Karen Coffee is product of Karen ethnic people who live in Than Daung Gyi, Karen State of Union of Myanmar. British colonials introduced Coffee to Myanmar but they planted Robusta only in Than Daung Gyi. Coffee is the main income crop in that area. Since the time of conflict between Myanmar government and ethnic groups, coffee was grown naturally at the deep slopes of mountain under shade of natural forest trees.
This program will directly benefit to over 30,000 people from three Karen tribes who live in Than Daung Gyi and its neighboring 30 villages.

Naturally grow coffee.
No preservative and additives.
Product of Agricultural women in Karen State, Union of Myanmar.


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