Shwe Ywa Ngan

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Ywa Ngan, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

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Flavored Coffee and Comprehensive Nature of Myanmar Honor

Located over 4,000 ft above sea level, Ywa Ngan is a highland region surrounded by green and lush rain forests. The area’s fertile soil coupled with ideal elevation and cool climate creates an accommodating environment for growing coffee. Being so, coffee produced from Ywa Ngan is said to be the finest in Myanmar.
‘Shwe Ywa Ngan Coffee’, cultivated and produced in Ywa Ngan Region, is an organic Arabica coffee gifted with a unique aroma and taste. Free from pesticides and chemicals, ‘Shwe Ywa Ngan Coffee’ offers fresh and pure coffee taste with no side effects. This nature-gifted coffee will surely be loved by all the coffee lovers out there.

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