Exclusive Interview with Ko Ye Kyaw Zin

In this week, we are going to make an Exclusive Interview with Ko Ye Kyaw Zin who is the co-founder of Bayin foods.

1. We would like to begin the interview with some biographical information. Can you please let me know about yourself ?

My name is Ye Kyaw Zin and I am 31 and am from Yangon. My family are farmers from Myin Sine Village where I visit regularly. I started my career as a chef and have a background in food and beverage. Currently my position is Managing director of Myit Kway Ayar trading company and co-founder of Bayin foods exporting Myanmar foods to Europe.

2. When did you become co-founder of Bayin foods and How did you start it ?

We started the company in 2014 together with John Paul Jenkins and Katrina Crawford. I met them during their honeymoon in Myanmar. We talked a lot about our foods and from their we decided to start a business being the first to export Myanmar foods to Europe. But we also agreed that our business should give back to the local areas from where our products are sourced. So we now give part of our profits to the school in Myin Sine Village.

3. What are the main products of your company/business ?

Currently our products are cold pressed peanut & sesame oils, lahpet and mix beans nuts.

4. Do you have factory or workshop by your own in Myanmar ?

Currently we work with local suppliers before we have our own factory where we can add value to more Myanmar food products ready to export to any country in the world and are shelf ready.

5. What are the main challenges you face as a Myanmar manufacturers ?

The FDA process is very slow which is going to cause problems for everyone wanting to export.

6. We saw that your products are available in Europe and UK, how did you secure the deal ?

John, Katrina and myself are all shareholders in the business here and in Europe. We worked out everything between us through regular meetings to discuss the direction of the business. From there we decided to aim for the high end retailer market which meant building our marketing and brand (which is all built around the provenance of Myanmar). From there we have managed to secure a range of different retailers in Europe as well as now selling on Amazon.

7. Have you got any certificate or approval for your products to sell in Europe ?

We have our products regularly tested in Europe to prove that they adhere to EU standards and to be certified, something which we have never had a problem with, such is the quality of food produce from Myanmar.

8. Are you exporting to any other countries ?

Currently we exported to Ireland, U.K. and Germany, but we can also export to any of the buyer countries.

9. Do you have oversea Exports, Imports, Oversea Buyers and Trade Partners ?

Our trade partners are just ourselves. This allows us to manage the supply chain for the customer and supplier to make sure both are looked after to a high standard.

10. Do you want to say anything to our MadeInMyanmar.asia Web Portal ?

It is great to see all made in Myanmar products at one place and it’s good for the producers.we really appreciated.

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