Organic Cotton & Natural Dye

  • Pure cotton,mud cloth design ,hand painting on cotton fabric ,price $38
  • jack fruit tree skin natural dye,organic cotton,Hand Embroidery Design ,price $20,
  • natural dye dress and rusty dye(Eco dye) top coat ,organic cotton price $48.5
  • Myanmar traditional attire women (Longyi and Myanmar blouse) Chemical Dye and rusty Dye ,organic Cotton,price $35
  • man shirt mango tree skin natural dye and rusty dye ,organic cotton,price $48.

MORI BURMA Organic Cotton & Natural Dye All of products are made of organic hand spinning cotton,many kinds of tree skins,flowers,dry fruits skins(eg . Avocados,wood,almonds leaves,etc ..) getting from natural source.



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