May Myo Pure Coffee

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No(1),Mandalay-Lasio Road,Nandawun Quater,Pyin Oo Lwin,Mandalay Division.

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+959 777 663 152

Why do I give a brand name of ‘ May Myo’ is because of in fact that my nostalgia to my hometown.Since I passed my high school, I left my hometown for university in Mandalay.After graduated I moved on again to Yangon for professional carrier.So whenever I have a chance to go back to May Myo on holidays, I felt that my hometown ambiance is getting dim and lost some signature and not like as it was before.So I’ve been mulling over that if I have an own business, I would give a name of ‘May Myo’ in order to feel back the taste of my hometown.Later when I started the coffee production, I create the concepts of nostalgic atmosphere about May Myo in the product packaging, color and designs. Even the logo itself , it makes to feel “ Back to May Myo”.

The objectives of “May Myo Pure Coffee” is to promote and sell the local coffee with the high standard premium quality in local and international.My another aim on this May Myo Coffee Production is to produce the good quality coffee by collaborating with farmers which are able to create the job opportunities and to uplift the livelihoods of local farmers.

The coffee plantation is located in Mandalay region – Pyin Oo Lwin (formally MayMyo) at 3,500 feet above sea level and 12 acre wide space.The own production harvest the ripen cherry coffee then roasted in our own way and proudly produced the best quality of local coffee.May Myo Pure Coffee use not only the coffee beans from our own farm also by collaborating with the farmers from other undeveloped regions in order to support back the farmer community.It could be create the job opportunities and try to be contributing in their livelihoods , living standard ,education and health sectors in somehow.



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